The Sustainable, Cost Effective and Hassle Free way to achieve your Dream Kitchen!

If you’ve ever flicked through the pages of an interior magazine or scrolled longingly through the styled kitchen shots on Instagram, then cast an eye at your own and sighed, you’re not alone.

Your kitchen is supposed to be the heart of the home where you gather friends and family, but if yours feels old and tired, or simply not very you, it’s a different experience altogether.

You might find yourself apologising for your kitchen when guests arrive, or maybe you’ve simply stopped inviting them altogether.

But you can’t justify ripping your kitchen out. It’s well made, there’s nothing wrong with it, it just wouldn’t be your choice.

Or it could be that those Instagram and glossy mag brand-new kitchens of dreams are way out of your price range.

I’m Claire, and I’m on a mission to give you a kitchen you'll love to come home to without hurting your wallet or the environment.

Where you see old and tired, I see the potential of what it could become.

Having it professionally refinished could be the perfect solution for you.

This gives you the look and feel of a brand new Kitchen at a fraction of cost and hassle of a full replacement, not forgetting the environmental benefits that come with sparing your existing cabinets from landfill.

Forget the hassle and cost of liaising with multiple trades and disruption of being Kitchenless!

Additional freestanding storage can be added if required. 

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Green Painted Kitchen

"Thank you Claire, for making our home so stylish. We absolutely love it!" - Sue & Harry

Blue Painted Dresser

Furniture Restyling -

Nationwide Delivery available

Maybe you're bored of your furniture or changing your colour scheme?  Is your current furniture of good quality or have precious memories associated with it so you're not keen to replace it?

Furniture from yesteryear is almost certainly well built; handcrafted using skills we could only dream of seeing in today's mass produced flat packed items on the market today.  

Perhaps you have inherited a sentimental piece of furniture, and whilst you cherish the piece, it just doesn't fit in with the style of your home.

Restyling could also be the perfect option for you! There are so many benefits to restyling your furniture rather than buying new, click here as I'd love to tell you more...


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Claire Hill The Furniture Restylist

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Painted Priory Sideboard
Give your furniture a second chance!

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Love it for longer - we all deserve a second chance!

Kitchen Cabinet Painting  in Somerset
Update your Kitchen the hassle free and sustainable way!

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The sustainable, cost effective and hassle free way to update your Kitchen.

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