What are the benefits of a Kitchen Restyle rather than buying a new one?

Unlock a World of Benefits by Restyling Your Existing Kitchen Instead of Buying New!

before and after of a kitchen restyle painted in farrow and ball drop cloth
benefits of a kitchen restyle rather than buying a new one

Top 4 benefits of restyling your kitchen rather than buying a new one:-

1.  Sustainable

In 2022 1.3 million new kitchens were installed in the UK.  Now just take a moment to think about what happened to all those discarded kitchens. 

Some were probably relegated to the garage, or rehomed, but the vast majority ended up in landfill, much earlier than they needed to.  

Many kitchens are replaced just because they are the wrong colour - often a dark wood / pine.  Solid wood kitchens are nearly always well built and I have worked on kitchens over 30 years old, which are still as structurally sound as the day they were built.

I always feel sad seeing kitchens with so much potential advertised on Facebook marketplace threatening to be sent to the tip of not collected by the weekend.

However, giving the existing kitchen a new lease of life is much better for the environment, not to mention the carbon footprint which a replacement kitchen would be. 

2.  Bespoke to you

Restyling your kitchen means you can have whatever colour you desire, and in whichever combination you like.  Therefore, you can be sure that you kitchen will be unique to you, and not the same as Mrs Jones next door!  

3.  Cost Effective

I can promise that restyling your kitchen is a much cheaper option than buying a replacement.

This may leave you with budget make other changes to the kitchen, such as replacing the worktop, installing a boiling water tap, replacing the flooring for example.  

Or, have that holiday you yearn for, as well as having a kitchen update! 

4.  Hassle Free

Another benefit of a Kitchen Restyle rather than buying a new one is that it is virtually hassle free!  

You can use your kitchen as normal throughout the whole process, and don't even need to empty your cupboards.

You don't need to liaise with multiple trades, or worry about washing up in the bath or living on take aways for several weeks.

Therefore, you can see that there are many benefits to restyling your kitchen rather than buying a new one.  If you would like to know more about transforming your own kitchen, please get in touch and I'd love to help.