What is the process of a Kitchen Refurbishment?

Updating your Kitchen by having a full replacement is often a very stressful and disruptive experience.  Cue weeks of hassle and washing up in the bathroom, with lots of dust and liaising with various trades.

However, a Kitchen Refurbishment is the easy and hassle free way to achieve your dream kitchen.

There is no need to even empty your kitchen cabinets and you can continue to use your kitchen as normal throughout the whole process!

All items can remain in place throughout the process and your kitchen can be used as normal throughout.  I have a dustless sander which is used in your home to prevent dust.  I do recommend that any valuables be removed, and request that worktops are reasonably clear to allow room for me to operate.

before and after of a kitchen refurb painted in farrow and ball french grey
Before and after of a kitchen restyle

Day One of a kitchen refurbishment starts with your doors and drawer fronts being removed.

They are all labelled (to ensure they go back in their original place) and taken back to my studio where the majority of the work is undertaken.

kitchen refurb prep stage

All the doors and drawer fronts then receive a full degrease to ensure a clean surface before sanding, prepping and priming takes place.  

Doors are then sprayed in my studio receiving 2-3 top coats in the colour of your choice.

kitchen refinish in somerset

Typically, the beginning of the second week I will spend a few days in your home refinishing your fixed cabinetry.  This includes end panels, trims, cornices and any shelf units for example.  

All cabinetry will be degreased, prepped and then primed.  

Your kitchen cabinets do not need to be emptied and your kitchen can be used as normal throughout.  

A typical kitchen takes 2 weeks to complete, so the end of the second week will see your doors and drawer fronts being refitted, which is when the magic really happens.

Your kitchen doors and drawer fronts will be individually wrapped in re-used packaging and then safely transported from my studio back to your home.  

Each door and drawer front will be refitted to its rightful place, then its time for you to invite all your friends around to show off your new looking gorgeous kitchen

You may choose to take advantage of the budget you have saved by restyling your existing kitchen as opposed to having a full replacement, and replace your worktop or take the opportunity to add other luxuries into the heart of your home.