Portfolio of Kitchen Refurbishments

Scroll through my Portfolio showcasing just some of my Kitchen Cabinet Refurbishment Projects to see the remarkable transformations which have been achieved for my clients.

Each project showcases our the dramatic transformation which can be achieved by this method of updating your kitchen, achieving a bespoke look tailored to your unqiue vision.

From sleek, modern designs to timeless, classic looks, my portfolio demonstrates the vararity of projects I've had the pleasure to undertake.

Browse through to get inspired and envision how I can bring new life to your kitchen cabinets.

Farrow and Ball Drop Cloth (colour match)

15+ year old solid wood cabinets updated to an on trend modern looking stunning kitchen using a colour match to Farrow and Ball Drop Cloth.

Farrow and Ball French Grey (colour match)

Transformed from a common looking kitchen from the 2000's, to a beautiful kitchen using colour match to Farrow and Ball French Grey.

The worktop and flooring have been replaced to complete the look.

Fusion Mineral Paint Bayberry

This transformation will rival the most expensive kitchen, finished in colour match to Fusion Mineral Paint Bayberry.  Completed with a worktop replacement and other luxury finishing touches which could be achieved as budget saved by not replacing the cabinets.

green kitchen refurbishment

Green Delight

Now such a bright and modern space in the heart of the home.

Neptune Shingle (colour match)

20+ year old bespoke pine kitchen updated to a modern bright and homely space using a colour match to Neptune 'Shingle.'

Cornflower blue (RAL 7000)

This milk parlour has been updated to showcase a very different vibe to a soft cornflower blue shade.

cornflower blue kitchen refurbishment