Fohen Boiling Water Tap Review

Fohen boiling water tap discount code

As part of my own kitchen refurbishment, I opted to install a Fohen Boiling Water Tap.  It may sound a little indulgent and unnecessary but it was something I had had on my wish list for a while.

What are the benefits of a Fohen Boiling Water Tap?

  1. Space Saving - Not needing a kettle gives you more valuable worktop space helping provide that much desired clutter free look.
  2. It’s so quick and easy when making that much needed cuppa.  Especially as every minute seems so valuable these days!
  3. Super convenient when cooking - boiling water, literally on tap, to add to vegetables etc to bring to the boil quicker.
  4. Also I do LOVE a gold tap…  I think they add the finishing touch to any kitchen bringing a bit of class and sophistication!  (they do also come in lots of other colours too though)
  5. There's a safety catch making it safe from little fingers too.
  6. Price - affordable in relation to other brands on the market.

What are the negatives of a Fohen Boiling Water Tap?

The only negative I can think of is having to sacrifice some space in the cupboard underneath the sink in order to store the tank for the boiling water.  

chrome boiling water tap

I opted for the 3-in-1 version which gives you boiling water alongside hot and cold water.  But, you could go for the Futura Fizz Chrome 5-in-1 version if you like which also provides sparkling and chilled water too! 

So what's the verdict of my Fohen Boiling Water Tap purchase?

I can honestly say that one of the best things I purchased when updating my kitchen was my Fohen Boiling water tap.

It is the envy of many guests and is the finishing touch to my kitchen refurbishment.

Available from from only £349, and I am pleased to be able to share my special discount code with you which will give you an extra £50 OFF

Use code at checkout:- CTFS23

(Disclaimer:- Affiliate code, but these are my own genuine views)

Are you thinking about your own kitchen refurbishment?

A kitchen refurbishment costs significantly less than a full kitchen replacement.  Therefore, this method of updating your kitchen may free up some of your previously anticipated budget and enable you to instead add some luxuries to your kitchen which may otherwise have been over budget. 

A boiling water tap being one of them!

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