How to Choose the Perfect Colour for your Kitchen... Unleashing the Magic of Colour Psychology!

what colour shall i paint my kitchen

In this blog we're diving deep into the world of kitchen cabinet painting, but, we're not just talking about any old colour!

Instead we're delving into the exciting realm of colour psychology and how it can impact our moods and vibes in the heart of our homes - the kitchen!

Picture this: you walk into your kitchen, and a wave of energy engulfs you. The colours around you, thoughtfully selected, weave their magic on your mood, and you can't help but feel that positive shift in your day. It's like a vibrant dance party in your mind!

Colours have an enchanting way of influencing our emotions, behaviours, and overall wellbeing. They're like little wizards waving their wands of impact!

So, before you grab that colour chart, let's take a quick peek at what these colours are up to:

1. Radiant Reds  Picture passionate reds dancing on your kitchen cabinets, teasing your appetite and sparking lively conversations.

Red is all about energy, excitement, and bringing out that inner extrovert in you! But beware, too much red might make you feel overwhelmed. So, strike the right balance, and you'll have a kitchen that's the heart of all gatherings.

2. Gorgeous Greens  Ah, the soothing greens of nature!

These shades bring a touch of calm and relaxation to your kitchen space. A perfect choice for those who seek a peaceful sanctuary amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Greens can also stimulate creativity, so get ready for some incredible culinary experiments!

3. Breezy Blues Imagine a gentle ocean breeze sweeping through your kitchen.

Blues are known for their tranquillity, promoting a sense of serenity and reducing stress levels. If your kitchen is a place of respite after a hectic day, blues are your ticket to the bliss zone.

4. Sunny Yellows If happiness had a colour, it would be yellow!

This cheerful hue injects a burst of positivity into your kitchen, making your mornings brighter and your afternoons warmer. A splash of yellow can also trigger creativity and innovation, perfect for aspiring kitchen wizards!

5. Whimsical Whites Craving a clean slate? Whites are here to save the day!

They symbolise purity, simplicity, and create an illusion of space. Plus, white cabinets provide the perfect canvas for pops of colour through accessories and decor.

6. Passionate Purples  Royals and romantics, take note!

Purple is all about luxury and imagination. Incorporate this majestic hue into your kitchen, and you'll feel like you're in your personal palace, where every meal is a gourmet affair.

7. Outstanding Oranges  Oranges radiate warmth, energy, and a friendly atmosphere.

Imagine the glow of a sunrise gracing your kitchen every day! This lively colour can also stimulate your appetite, so be prepared for your family and friends to always ask for seconds.

yellow kitchen
yellow kitchen inspiration

So What is The Right Colour for Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Now that we've unleashed the secrets of colour psychology, you might wonder which colour to choose for your own kitchen cabinets.

It all comes down to understanding yourself and your kitchen's personality.

1. Match Your Mood

Consider the mood you want your kitchen to exude. Do you want a vibrant, lively space or a calming, peaceful retreat? Listen to your heart (and your taste buds), and the right colour will reveal itself.

2. Embrace Your Style

Your kitchen is an extension of your personality, so let it reflect your style! If you're a bold adventurer, daring reds and oranges might be your cup of tea. But if you're a zen seeker, soothing blues or greens are the path to harmony.

3. Let There Be Light

Take note of your kitchen's natural light. Darker shades work well with ample lighting, but if your kitchen is on the cosy side, opt for lighter hues to open up the space.

4. Colour Play

Who said you have to stick to just one colour? Mix and match, create accents, or go for an ombre effect - let your creativity run wild, and your kitchen will become a canvas of artistic expression.


So there you have it! The magical world of colour psychology awaits your exploration. Sprinkle some hue-ful stardust on those kitchen cabinets, and watch your home transform into a space of pure delight and inspiration.

Imagine coming home after a busy day to be greeted by a kitchen in your choice of colour - that would pale any hectic day into insignificance and instantly impact your mood for the better.

I hope this has helped demystify the what can be daunting task of choosing a colour.

If you have a colour that you love in your home, comment below and let me know how this makes you feel.

Claire x 




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