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Tips to have a Slower and more fulfilled Christmas

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Love it or dread it? Which camp are you? 

There is arguably so much pressure these days from social media, TV advertising etc to put on the ‘perfect’ Christmas.

From giving perfect presents that are wrapped in the most creative way, to dishing up the biggest and best home cooked Christmas lunch served on a table with the prettiest tablescape.

The ‘To Do’ list can seem so endless in the weeks leading up to the big day that enjoyment and the real importance of the festivities get lost.

As well as it being one of the most stressful times of the year, it can also generate a serious amount of waste.  

For example, in 2018 it is estimated that Brits threw away the equivalent of 108 million rolls of wrapping paper!

Here are some tips to help you have a Slower, more fulfilled Christmas.

1. Slow Gifting

Remember that you have worked hard for your money to buy gifts for your loved ones, so rather than buying gifts that won’t be used and ultimately create more waste, consider a wasteless gift instead:-

Sustainable Gift Ideas 

Second Hand Secret Santa!

Secret Santa is a popular and fun way to gift at workplaces / large groups of friends.  Consider a theme of ‘Second Hand’, so the gift has to be preowned. 

Cue a trip to Charity shops or scouring of Facebook marketplace.  You might surprise yourself what goodies find.

Here's some ideas for sustainable gift wrapping too.

sustainable gift wrap

2.  Shop Small and Local

If you decide that buying a gift is the right thing for your recipient, then spend your money small and keep it local. 

It’s a great feeling when you buy from a small business, and believe me they will actually do a happy dance!

And spending locally means that your money will be injected into the local economy, which is an added bonus.


3. Support local Food Producers

Buying food which is grown locally not only tastes fantastic but has the added benefit of having a low carbon footprint. 

Eating food that you know comes from a local farm is a much better feeling than the supermarket van arriving outside of your house.

It is also likely to come in plastic free packaging. 


4. Create New, Slow Traditions

Think about past Christmasses.  You probably won’t remember the gifts, but you will remember the time spent together as a family. 

Make time for a family walk, board game sessions and meals. 

As the family grow, these times are even more precious as family time becomes rarer, so put the phones away and be present in the moment with your loved ones.

 Christmas To Do list

5. Be Present

If you are hosting, it can feel like you spend the day itself chained to the oven.  

Prepare as much in advance as you can, ask guests to contribute a specified dish to share the load, and don't pressurise yourself to serve dinner at a certain time.

Make a conscious effort to spend as much time as you can through the day itself and the run up with family and friends, rather than working through the dreaded 'To Do' list. 

I hope you have found this helpful. 

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