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Is Kitchen Cabinet Painting a good idea?

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The Kitchen is the heartbeat of the home; even more so these days given it is so multi-functional.

It is often the first place any visitors gravitate to whilst waiting for the Kettle to boil, and the first place you go when you arrive home.

However, if it isn’t giving you a warm fuzzy feeling of happiness, it can be a daunting room to update.

Having your Kitchen Cabinets painted though, is a solution to providing the vision of your dream Kitchen.

Here we look at the main benefits:-


Often outgoing Kitchens are discarded in a skip and carted off the take up valuable landfill space.  The cabinets are often still in good shape structurally, but no longer needed due to the replacement arriving.  Kitchen Painting avoids this unnecessary waste.

Also, the carbon footprint of a brand new Kitchen can be very high, so painting your existing one avoids this environmental cost.

Hassle Free

A full replacement can be extremely disruptive for a lengthy period of time; no sink, no oven, no storage and being the centre of the home this can impact on many aspect of your life.

Kitchen Painting is a hassle free option; you will encounter no dust, you can continue to use your Kitchen as normal, and you don’t even have to empty your cabinets!

You also don’t have to liaise with multiple trades, which could save you a big headache!

Cost Effective

A full replacement can sometimes run into tens of thousands of pounds, which is a substantial project to undertake and often has to be saved up for over a period of time.

Kitchen Painting is a more affordable option, making your dream Kitchen much more achievable.

And the money you have saved can then be spent on other updates.  For example, lighting, worktop replacement, new flooring etc, which might otherwise have been unachievable.

Bespoke to you

There are literally thousands of colours you can choose from.  You can choose a colour (or colours!) which reflect your style and personality. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Which materials can be painted?

Solid wood, melamine, laminate, vinyl are all possible.  Vinyl / thermofoil wraps would be removed before being painted, but these surfaces are all paintable, as appropriate primers are used.

Will I see any brush-strokes / roller marks?

No, the painted surface is totally smooth.  Doors can be sprayed if the Client wishes. 

Will it chip?

Professional products are used to ensure a durable finish.  The product has been factory tested up to 5000 scrubs and is a hard wearing product, recommended specifically for Kitchens.

It is easy to keep clean?

Yes.  Wipe it with a damp cloth to remove any stains.

What colour can I have?

Literally thousands to choose from!  Colour matching is also available.


If you would like to know any more, please email me at [email protected]


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