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How to change your home décor for the Autumn season

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How to change your home décor for the Autumn season

It takes me a while to adjust to reluctantly leaving the Summer months, but there are actually a lot of wonderful things that Autumn offers us.  After all, what's better than lighting the fire, snuggling up wearing pyjamas whilst drinking hot chocolate (or wine!), or a Sunday morning walk in the crunchy beautifully coloured leaves nature has shredded?

Autumn is a busy time in the home and garden in order to prepare to bunker down for the colder months ahead.  It’s a time to change from the light and airy feeling within your home that we love in the Summer, to the cosy and warm vibe for the Autumn months where we embrace the darker and colder nights.

There’s so much which we can do to adjust the mood of our homes.


Renew candles around the home – the dark nights are a perfect excuse to light candles around the home, which will not only look great, but also smell lovely!  (if you have small children or prefer not to light candles, there are some great battery operated LED ones on the market which you could consider).  Replace any burnt out ones to start afresh. 



Add texture to your home.  You can never have enough texture going into this season. 

A new bedspread or getting out the winter tog duvet will work wonders.  

Get out the evening TV watching throw and add some more cushions to your sofa to make the evenings even more cosy.  Tip: If you like to change the colour theme of your room at the change of season, just buy cushion covers which you can change rather than the whole cushion.



Switch dried flower displays from bright summery colours to autumnal coloured.  In addition to this, house plants such as Snake plants are great for air purification as well as providing pops of green in the home.



Pine cone displays with fairy lights entwined provide the most beautiful autumnal styling. Embracing what nature has to offer it provides a simple yet effective look perfect for the season to take you right through to the New Year.



Lighting – multiple sources of light create a cosy mood.  A small table lamp in the corner provides a much cosier feeling as opposed to the main ceiling overhead light.  In a kitchen for example, the ideal would be 3 different sources of light to provide lighting options depending on the mood required at that time. 



Tablescaping.  Tablescaping has increased in popularity over the recent years and plays a central part of your home styling. Again this is something that can be adjusted through the year to reflect the change in seasons, making use of what nature has to offer at the time and seasonal colours.


I hope this has provided you with a little inspiration with how you can embrace the new season and get your home Autumn ready.

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Claire x 

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