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Painting your UPVC Front Door!

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I have wanted a new front door for a long time but they are so expensive to buy new aren't they! So, I thought I'd paint my UPVC brown door instead, which I am so happy with.  I've had comments from neighbours thinking we'd got a new one!  I've also had several people asking how I did it so here is a blog outlining the steps I took.

It is essential that any dirt is removed prior to painting.  Remember, you want the paint to adhere well so any dirt remaining on the door will affect this.

To clean you can use sugar soap or Fusion Mineral Paint TSP solution.  I use a green kitchen scourer to give it a good scrub and remove any dust, dirt etc.  If using sugar soap you then need to rinse with clean water otherwise the sugar soap will leave a residue.

Then give it a scuff sand with a 220ish grit sandpaper to give the door a slight key.

Wipe clean again and leave to dry.

Then you need to apply Fusion Mineral Paint Ultra Grip which is a magic product which allows you to apply paint to any shiny surface such as glass, plastic, metal, laminate etc.  I apply this using a sponge - the yellow type which has a rough green side.  Simply squirt a little onto thr yellow side and then wipe sparingly all over the door applying a thin smooth layer.  It's important this is applied smoothly as this will show in the final finish if its not.

Leave to dry overnight and then its the fun part of painting!

Depending on your choice of colour you will need 2 -3 coats.  Fusion Mineral Paint requires 3 weeks to fully cure, so be gentle with your door during this time where possible. 

And ta dah!  You have what looks like a brand new door! I used Sacred Sage for the outside and Casement for the inside.  The hallway looks so much brighter in white rather than the dark brown previous look.   

Fusion Mineral Paint is great for use outside as well as inside so you could do matching flowerpots, gates etc if you wished.  Lots of options to keep you busy through Lockdown! 

If you'd like to give this a go, supplies are available to purchase here - head over to the shop section! If there's a colour you'd like there but not in stock, drop me a message and I might be able to order it in.

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  1. Caroline Leeming

    Hi, I've ordered some paint to do the same. Can I just ask how it's looking after a year? Any chips or anything? Hi Carole - I'm really pleased. No chips or issues at all having survived the English winter! ~ Claire

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